All three Year 2 Anthologies— read them here!

Oct 8, 2011
I Write the Future Anthology

To read the writing that the I Write the Future team members contributed to all three 2011-2012 anthologies, click on the following PDFs to open each of them and print them out: When Intolerance Turns on Self; Intolerance Does Not Define or Deter Me; or Anti-Bullying Steps: Awareness to Understanding to Empathy to Action.

We invite ISAW students and their teachers to post congratulatory comments and compliments in response to any of the 60 student authors as individuals or to all the writers collectively. Any post that is not a congratulations or a compliment will be removed. Check with your teacher for the all the log-on and response information.


Congratulations to all 60 of you!

Submitted by CWP ISAW on Sat, 2012-05-19 18:10.

Congratulations, Year 2 I Write the Future team members and writers!

I am so proud of all of you. You didn’t have to take the risk of submitting your writing and going public with your ideas. You didn’t have to agree to keep revising, or to work on and rework a writer’s statement, or to work some more on a 3rd or 4th revision. I am just one of many though who is very grateful that you all did. It has been a privilege to support you and to watch your ideas take shape and your writing improve. We, in the CWP office, are thrilled to give your writing back to you in this online publication and forum.

For you 9th-11th grade students, look ahead to next year’s campaign—bigger and better, we hope!

Stay involved; keep writing!

Jayne Marlink and Katie Nguyen Lake

Congratulations for Writing Our Future

Submitted by Rippee UCIWP on Sun, 2012-05-20 14:16.

Congratulations to every student writer for your courage and passion in sharing your story, your beliefs, and your vision for the future. Because of you, all of us benefit and  are encouraged to write our stories. Special thanks to Wilson students who took a risk which makes a difference! Sincerely, Ms. Rippee

Re: Confusion, Marley Adams

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:39.

I would like to say how amazing your piece was Marley, it really hits the heart. I can relate, I have been in the same situation only to overcome it, and to read about someone who faced the same situation as mine gives you this understanding that there are people who go through this as well and that you are not alone.

Colored: The Single Story

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:41.

Keyana Wilson, i read your piece Colored: the single story and when i was reading it , i realized it kinda relate to my life because most people i know talk about skin color and im brownskin so when people down talk me because they think liteskins look better i sort of get offended because black is beautiful, as a matter of fact, all skin tones are beautiful. And it kills me to see others saying one color looks better. Like my sister have the same problem. Shes liteskin and she think she look better than everybody. But i just tell her not all liteskins look better than darkskins. i think everybody is beautiful in their own way and i really enjoyed reading your piece.

"Tearing at the Seams of Society" by Lily Lorbeer

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:42.

I really loved this piece. A lot of the things that you said in it, about how the pressures of our society, especially in high school, lead people to believe that you only have self worth if you posess "beauty" or you dress nice, etc., were so true. There was one line that really stood out to me: "Intolerance is a disease that infects the minds of the ignorant."; I couldn't agree with this more. People today are so ignorant of the fact that we are all different, but at the same time we are all human beings that deserve to be treated with respect. I also liked how you structured your essay, with that sad, real-life story at the beginning that really caught my attention and enticed me to read more. Great job :)

to Jessica Aquino "you remember"

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:42.

i read you piece called "you remember" this touched me. Theo's story was so upsetting and horrible!Frown i was near tears reading what he went through everyday! i personally have never been harshley bullied about anything. but when i was in the 7th grade a rumor started the my bestfriend and i were a lesbian couple... this was shocking to me! i had no idea why it got started... i have no problem with the homosexual community what so ever. i have some close friends who are homosexual and open about it, and personally i love that. i feel everyone should be able to express themselves freely without fear of being bullied. unfortunatly in our world it is not like that. i think Theo can be a good role model for gay men out there. and i respect his strength for all he went through in his life and for not giving up in the end. and as for the girl who came to his aid, thank you! i have so much respect for what you have done. Smile thank you Jessica for sharing this story!

Freedom to Love by Angelica Wilson

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:43.

I really liked the way you wrote this it pretty much sums up all the questions I've been asking in my mind. No one ever stops to think that just the simple act of judging someone else is also a sin, since we as humans have no right or position to. 

"Don't you know that by judging, your fire will be just as hot?"  i love that line.

Soon, I hope, we will be able to achieve marriage equality for ALL of America.

Like Children by Bradley Dorsay

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:44.

I found your poem to have a very strong statement, and I completely agree with it. The adjectives such as cruel and corrupt to describe heritage and lineage were very effective. I also like the contrast you showed between the innocence of a child and the morality of adults who over time adopt a more altered image of the world and its people. When you said there can be no peace without acceptance, that stood out to me as a golden line that hit home and created a new image as well. I really enjoyed your poem, so keep writing!


Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:45.

I liked this poem but I don't particularly agree with some of the things it says.  People really don't care about someone they see on the fly, most people are worried with themselves.  But anyway I liked how it was stuctured and worded.

The poem "Enlarged" really

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:46.

The poem "Enlarged" really stood out to me. It makes me more aware of the different perspecitves out there , and not just my own. i my self am not a bully, but i realilze even more so now how much a little giggle realy hurts someone. The person that is being described in this poem, is truely a role model. he took what he didn't like, and changed it. I appreciate his example and fixing what he didn't like. he showed great courage, and that's something that alot of people in this world needs.

Like Children By Bradley Dorsey

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:47.

I loved this. When we are young we don't care about anything we are friends with all but as we get older we are influenced by people. We are told certain things aren't cool and you begin to judge people based on that. Everyone likes to think they have matured because they are older but that is not the case. If you seperate yourself from someone because of the way they look, dress, or their beliefs that is completely immature. This really hit home for me. I am one of those people that has a diverse group of friends and I think more people should be like that and really get to know someone instead of judging them by their race. "We must all be like children" Smile

Brigette Santos Plague on the mind and body

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:49.

I read your short story "Plague on the mind and body" and instanly got knots in my stomach. SurprisedI am so sorry that you and your mom had to go through that.Cry It is just not fair. I can't imagine the pain both you and your mom must have felt. I'm glad that your friend decided to help you though.Smile It must have been really hard to deal with and keep a secret for so long. I liked what you wrote about in your writing statement. I also thought the world was inooccent when I was younger. Now I know to, that the world is full of both good and bad. I think you are a very strong person and I have a lot of respect for you.  Thank you for writing this.Laughing

colored the single story by keyana wilson

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:49.

your story was ver moving and inspirational. Me being a cacuasion female it really hit me and i find myself in a similar situation where my aferican american friends seem to bicker over this all the time "i look better, i'm light skined everybody loves a light skinned girl" "No us dark skinned females are soooo much bettter" and i find myself asking the same question whats the differnce both of you are beautiful girls no matter what the skin and that shouldnt define you as a person its the person you are in the inside not the outside. Smile

"your beautiful" -Ysabel Ramos

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:50.

this poem is very inspiring! i use to struggle with low self-esteem, starting back in middle school and continued on to the first years of high school. as a senior i began to accept who i am. i realized i am me, and we are all beautiful in our own ways. i use to stress over relationships, think no boy would ever like me because i am not good enough, no one would ever love me. this was true only to the point that no one can love you unless you love yourself first. i found my love for who i am, and in turn found the man of my dreams. this poem will inspire many to just be confident in who they are. love themselves, and not let other people get in the way. i am so glad i got to read this poem! it was truely beautiful.Smile

Enlarged by Christian Feliciano

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:50.

I totally know how the author had felt entering high school and started taking notice of my weight. I felt insecure all the time when my friends compared me to my older brother who went to the same school. They said he was hecka buff and strong and they told me i was all flab. I wasn't all that overweight but enough to where you'd get made fun of and called "Tubs" or "Fatass". And I think its smart what he did. To start working out and to change his image so that he would become fit and feel good about himself. For I too did the same and It's the best thing I've ever done.

Stereotyped - Janaysha Lyons

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:53.

Your poem really stuck out to me because it is relatable. I have a niece you is white and arican american, who people also seem to stare at and find disbelief. SHe has perfectly curly, long ahir and shes beautiful. I think your poem has a new perspective on racism towards mixed children that is usually ignored, and I like how you structured it to end with that you are proud to be in the skin you are in.

From Intollerance to Acceptance by Anonymous

Submitted by Schneider GVWP on Thu, 2012-05-24 11:02.

I am a homosexual male and I really thought you hit a topic that is truly prevalent and in need to be talked about and noticed. We've come very far in this, but we are still behind. Progress is happening though. Keep on writing, I enjoyed it a lot. I've never been bullied for being gay, but I know for those who do, it's tough. Be strong. There is lots of help for those who get bullied, you just have to know where to look.