Do Something! Make a plan! Write it up! Make it happen! Write a proposal to get your plan funded!

Oct 8, 2011

Did you know there is an organization designed to help students your age make change? DoSomething.org is that organization. Its motto is “POWERING OFFLINE ACTION. Using the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline.”

Link here to find out more about what teens are doing to make change— (http://www.dosomething.org/).

Search the “What’s Your Thing” section to learn how to take action and address the issues you’ve been writing about and discussing— racial, religious, and gender discrimination, disability rights, violence and bullying, and immigration.

Search the “Act Now” section to find out how to take action and form action groups.

Search the “Grants” section of the “Programs” pages to find out how to write for a DO Something Seed grant to fund your plan.
Do Something!