“I am enough!” Sara Ramirez

Sep 17, 2011

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When actress and singer Sara Ramirez was asked why she was so open about her previous eating disorders and why she was so public about her battles with body issues, she replied, " It's still something so many of us battle with, even someone on a hit TV show. It's a reality, and people should take it seriously. Sometimes people can put people on pedestals and assume everything is fine and dandy because you're working in television. I thought it was important to humanize us. We're still just people who are flawed and have issues."

Read the following three interviews with Sara:

"Getting Over Myself: I'm a Size 12 in a Size 0 Town, " from 2006;
"The Lady in Red" from 2007;
(see above for the PDFs for both articles)
"Sara Stripped Down" from 2011
(download here)

Sara shares some of the pressures, losses, and heartache that affected her struggles with body issues and some of what has helped her gain a "sense of self-awareness and the feeling like she's in a completely new place because of the relationship she has begun to have with herself."

In the MP3 clip (playable using the audio controls above) you'll hear Sara describe the importance of living in a “self-loving rather than self-loathing” way. What does she mean by “I am enough!”? Does she surprise you? Make you think? Would you say the same?