I Write the Future Anthology: Congratulations and Compliments

May 8, 2011

To read the writing that the I Write the Future team members contributed to the 2010-2011 anthology, click on the PDF to open the document and print it out.

We invite you to post congratulatory comments and compliments in response to any of the 27 student authors as individuals or to all the writers collectively. Any post that is not a congratulations or a compliment will be removed.


Congratulations, I Write the Future team members!

Submitted by Jayne Marlink on Mon, 2011-05-09 15:00.

I am so proud of all of you. You didn’t have to take the risk of submitting your writing and going public with your ideas. You didn’t have to agree to keep revising, which sometimes meant trying out a whole new genre, or to work on and rework a writer’s statement, or to meet to work on revisions in person and online. I am just one of many though who is very grateful that you all did. It has been a privilege to support you and to watch your ideas take shape and your writing improve. We, in the CWP office, are thrilled to give your writing back to you in this online publication and forum.

For all of you seniors, know that you have writing project fans and supporters for your next steps beyond high school. Zour, Tee, and Denise, all the UC campuses you are attending next fall have a writing project. When you feel anonymous, find that office and let them know who you are (might be a good place to find a work study job too). Stephaney, Bethany, Marcos, and Anarosa, there are so many writing project-connected instructors at Butte College and that includes the Academic Dean, Dr. Yaqub. You will not lack for support. Natasha, Kristian, Jemeka, Jonathan, and Cameron, you know your current teachers will be unhappy if you don’t stay in touch, and if I can be of help, do not hesitate to email me.

For you 9th-11th grade students, look ahead to next year’s campaign—bigger and better, we hope!

Stay involved; keep writing!

Thank You, Jayne

Submitted by Tee_Her on Mon, 2011-05-23 19:40.

Thank you for advising me, Zour, and Denise about a writing project once we head to college. I will keep that in mind. And I also want to thank California Writing Project for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings about bullying.

Wilson High

Submitted by Kristian_Rodriguez on Mon, 2011-06-13 22:07.

Hi Ms. Marlink! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I just barely was able to reply and write on here since I just figured this out.. -__-' hahaha. As a fellow future writer, I am proud of all of us who are trying to make a difference for the kids of next year, and for future generations to come. Although it is a small little snowball, hopefully down the hill, more people can partake and make this into a much more bigger snowball so it can have a more bigger impact on the little village called Discrimination and Intolerance. I thank both you Ms. Marlink for creating and sponsoring this amazing organization and Sara Ramirez for inspiring us, all to help teens change the future for tomorrow. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, all of you!


Submitted by Katie_Nguyen-Lake on Tue, 2011-05-10 15:58.

This has been a real labor of love for me, for Jayne, and for CWP. Thank you for sharing your writing!


Submitted by Katie_Hull-Sypnieski on Thu, 2011-05-12 09:30.

Congratulations to Alan Lor and Pa Foua Her, the best students any teacher could ever hope for!  They're poetry stars, and have a great future ahead of them....

Mr. Ferlazzo


To all my Burbank I Write the Future Stars,

I am so proud of all of you.  Look at the shining results of your effort and your COURAGE!

Ms. Hull


Submitted by Bee_Foster on Sat, 2011-05-14 18:36.

Great job everyone!  Your hard work shows through!!!

Kudos to Randy; a reminder there really is joy in school

Submitted by Jayne Marlink on Sat, 2011-05-14 20:27.

I'm posting this email I received from Marlene Carter, teacher at Dorsey High School. She may update or revise this later. But reading it really touched me, and I think it will do the same for all you teachers and students who feel like you have given all of April and May away to standardized testing.

"We've been doing CST testing all week, and everyone is sick of it. So I went on the I Write the Future site today and pulled up the picture and poem of Randy, one of the writers on the site. The other students clapped for him and stood around the computer reading his poem. He is a bit shy about smiling, but he couldn't help it today. It was a bright moment that brought us back to what's important and joyful about school.

Then we sat down and kids started their bubbling."

Way to go Randy!

Maybe an issue we should address next year is how little time you get to write, debate, reflect, and think, and how much time you are asked to prepare for and take multiple choice tests.


Submitted by Maureen_Rippee on Tue, 2011-05-17 21:01.

Congratulations to Denise, Kristian, and Natasha: Your courage and determination to tell your stories have made me so proud, and your writing will inspire others to speak out as well. Believe in yourselves as I do, and you can accomplish anything. I know that you will make your lives count and will accomplish your purpose in life, whatever that might be.

Congratulations to all of our student writers. Your work will continue to inspire everyone to find their own voice to make a better future.

Congratulations to all of our teachers: Your ability to motivate, encourage, and help your students find their authentic voices continue to inspire me, and will inspire any teacher who discovers the power of the writing project.

Congratulations and thanks to Jayne, Katie and Devon: Your vision, support, creativity, and talent made this a reality for all of us, and it is a wonderful addition to the legacy of the California Writing Project.

Congratulations and thanks to our angel-voiced Sara Ramirez: Your courage and belief in us has made all of the difference.


Maureen Rippee

Congratulations and Thank You!

Submitted by Marlene_Carter on Sat, 2011-05-21 13:58.

Congratulations to Randy and Jemeka.  I am proud that you were willing to share your writing on these important topics.  I hope your words will make people think twice before they harass anyone due race or a disability.  Jemeka, your narrative voices a concern of many students in our school who have experienced or witnessed racial profiling by the police.  We hope that law enforcement will reconsider how they target suspects.  Randy, I hope your poem will encourage students to be more sensitive to wheelchair bound students.

to all the writers/winners

Submitted by Alan_Lor on Thu, 2011-05-26 14:23.

I am very proud that my fellow peers and classmates did this writing. I hope everyone that won this year do it again next year. It's our time to take a stand so help your fellow students,family, or friend out if they get bullied.

The writing created by the

Submitted by Anarosa_Esquivel on Tue, 2011-05-31 18:19.

The writing created by the students is amazing! With such heartfelt and true conviction there is no reason for anyone to stand on the sidelines when bullying shows its face. Great job everyone.


To ALL the I Write the Future Writers

Submitted by CWPdemo on Thu, 2011-06-02 13:55.

To ALL the I Write the Future Writers

We are all students from high schools in San Bernadino that meet together in an after school writing club.   This week we have been reading and talking about the I Write the Future anthology.  We want you all to know that we have loved reading your writing.  You all did a great job; you made us think and argue.   We decided to write these responses to you, and our teacher is helping us post them because we can’t blog at school. 

To Stephaney, Natasha, and Denise

We may not have had the same pains and doubts as you have, but you made us feel yours and remember our own.   We are happy to see that you have overcome and have the self-power to write your stories for high school students.  You reminded us that we can be so mean to each other and we need to be more aware of what our peers are dealing with.

To Kristian, Anarosa, Anonymous, Jemeka, Jonathan, Shelley, Ranisha, Kathy, and Randy

We have all seen the kinds of discrimination you wrote about.  Some of us share your experiences.  Most of us have observed intolerances aimed at gays, races, cultures, the disabled, and women.  We talked a lot about what we have seen and we hope the next time we will do more than just talk.  We will do something.  We will act.

To John, Lao, Adam, Alan, and Pa

You made us wonder if every language, culture, and religion has had a time when there were no words for gays and lesbians.  We wonder if the first words were insults.  We wonder how long it will take for there to be no labels at all.    

To Bethany, Marcos, Dwayne, Zour, Tee, and Daniel

Bullying and web bullying sure seem be happening more in our schools.   The ways you wrote about bullies being bullied into becoming bullies helped us talk about what we can do when we see anyone being picked on.   We agree with Tee.  Maybe we all need to act with a group.  By ourselves doesn’t work.

To Cameron, Christine. Alejandro, Osiris, and Kristian

We liked the suggestions you had for taking action: being strong in ourselves, getting help from parents, and using our talents and writing to make positive statements.   We are thinking abut the ways we can write the future too.

Congratulations, everyone, and thank you!

Alexis, Rick, Shemar, Paul, Carla, Enrique, Kim, Cha, Veronica, Marcus, Alicia, Tomas, Pamela, Suzette, Jamie, Teresa, Phuong, Jennifer


Submitted by CWPdemo on Tue, 2011-06-14 12:57.

To Kristian, Natasha, and Denise

You guys did a great job with creating you I Write the Future paper. Your opinions are very strong about what you believe in and it is shown through your arguments. In life you will experience negative feelings such as discrimination and/or doubts. People will sometimes try to put you down because they are insecure of what to believe in and what is right. It is great that you have taken your time to share with us how you feel about these sort of things. Many people go through harsh things like these day by day but don't say a word about it. Taking the chance and writing about your experience helps those people understand they are not alone in this world. I am very proud of you. Thanks for inspiring me!:)



Virginia Santillan Wilson Woodrow High School

Submitted by CWPdemo on Tue, 2011-06-14 21:07.

To: Natasha and Denise

Congrats!! your paper honestly inspired several people that had the chance to read it. It was a very important topic as well as controversial and something that is happening all over the world today. I'm glad you both took that opportunity to  express yourselfs and thoughts.Thank you for standing up for the many people who are going through the same thing. It is a motivation for others to do the same and put our thoughts on paper to be heard. (:

Molding our Future/Darrell Hardaway

Submitted by Jayne Marlink on Wed, 2011-06-15 19:01.

After reading the poems, essays, and stories everyone wrote about, all that I can say is WOW! You guys are truly role models, writing directly from the heart and portraying your raw emotion. I love how real and personal everyone's literature was. Natasha Smith, your writing left me utterly speechless. I always heard Rippee praise your writing but the vulnerability and openness you gave to your audience was scary, a GOOD scary. Trust me your scars and wounds have made you so much stronger and it is very ironic that by showing your weakness you showed me your strength. I love you Natasha and your piece was beautiful. Denise Ros, instantly after reading your words I had to run through all of our few conversations and pray that I chose my words correctly. Insecurity and self-judgement is one of the most common and hardest faught battles in the WORLD. You are definitely not alone and I pray that throughout life you fiund thestrength to fight those insecurities. I don't need to tell you that you're an intelligent woman and that you will go far, because you already know. Just keep your head up and everything will fall in place for you. Cristian, man you allowed something extremely personal to be shown to all and I respect that. You are not ashamed of who you are and it sucks when people hate you for having self pride. Stay confident and do not let other's hatred keep you down, because some people have nothing better to do that bash you down. To my Wilson peers and I Write the Future scholars, it is up to us to mold and sculpt the pathway that comes before us. Only we can say the do's and don't's for each others tomorrow. I am so proud to know every author here has taken a step towards a brighter new beginning and that we have a say too!

Darrell Hardaway Jr.,

Wilson Classical High School Per. 6

Congratulations to Randy and Jemeka!

Submitted by CWP ISAW on Thu, 2011-10-20 17:07.

Congratulations to Randy and Jemeka. I am proud that you were willing to share your writing on these important topics. I hope your words will make people think twice before they harass anyone due race or a disability. Jemeka, your narrative voices a concern of many students in our school who have experienced or witnessed racial profiling by the police. We hope that law enforcement will reconsider how they target suspects. Randy, I hope your poem will encourage students to be more sensitive to wheelchair bound students. I also want to thank Jayne Marlink, the Executive Director of the Califormia Writing Project, for giving students this opportunity to write about the issues that impact our present and our future.