Published Writing from the I Write the Future Teams Year 1 and 2

Oct 7, 2011

Members of the I Write the Future Team Year 1 inspired all of us to think more deeply about these issues last year. Read the following pieces from Chapter 4, Anti-Bullying Steps—Awareness to Understanding to Empathy to Action in the 2010-2011 I Write the Future anthology. Be sure to read their writers’ statements, too. Find the anthology here: http://voicebox.nwp.org/iwritethefuture/sites/default/files/files/4/may/...

Bethany Vader, “From the Mind of a Bully”
Marcos Preciado, “Bullying”
Dwayne Mangum-Hines, “The Change”
Zour Xiong, “One Moment of the Bell”
Tee Her, “Next Person in Line”
Daniel Tan, “To Love; To Stop”

Thirteen writers from Year 2 created an entire anthology focused on anti-bullying! Link here to read their writing: http://voicebox.nwp.org/iwritethefuture/sites/default/files/files/70/may...