Published Writing from the I Write the Future Teams Year 1 and 2

Oct 8, 2011

Members of the I Write the Future Team inspired all of us to think more deeply about these issues last year. Read the following pieces from Chapter 2, Intolerance Does NOT Define or Deter Me, and Chapter 3, Grappling with and Changing a Cultural Taboo, in the 2010-2011 I Write the Future anthology. Be sure to read their writers’ statements, too.

Kristian Rodriguez, “Overcoming the Burden of Myself”
Anarosa Esquivel, “Abate the Fear of Abnormality”
Anonymous, “I Have Two Dads: A Vignette”
Jemeka Henry, “Running While Black”
Jonathan Farias, “They’re All the Same”
Shelley Reeves, “Looking Through a Muslim Woman’s Eyes”
Ranisha Singh, “My Unforgettable Maze”
Kathy Vang, “Your day is a storm”
Randy Childress, “Dear Fred”
John Yang, “The side of me you didn’t know”
Lao Moua, “Free to Be You”
Adam Vang, “Never Considered”
Alan Lor, “Time to Take a Stand”
Pa Foua Her, “Those are the Facts”
Find the anthology here: http://voicebox.nwp.org/iwritethefuture/sites/default/files/files/4/may/...

Twenty-one writers from Year 2 created an entire anthology focused on important issues of intolerance! Link here to read their writing: