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I Write the Future Anthology Year 3!

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Read and reflect on the writing submissions selected for the I Write the Future Anthology for Year 3. ISAW teachers, if you want your students to read and reply with congratulations, comments, and connections, email CWP for log-on information.

Link to the PDF of the anthology to download or print. Congratulations, writers!

What's the big deal with using the word "retard"?

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John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete and a Global Messenger for Special Olympics, wrote the two pieces attached to this discussion. He explains why using the "retard" is so hurtful to him as a man with Down Syndrome. The first piece, written in 2008, tells why he loves using his role as a Special Olympics Global Messenger to tell people that "only dumb and shallow people" use the word "retard" as a way to call someone else dumb and shallow.

Hmong Writers and Poets Write Their Culture and Their Future

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From the Hmong American Writer's Circle website:

"Finding our place in literature has been a challenge. Although creative expression within Hmong history and culture is evident in our oral stories, oral poetry, textile art and the playing of various bamboo instruments—what we would categorize as heritage art forms—one will quickly discover that, even in this category, there are no novels, plays, or collections of poems, essays or short stories. There is no account of Hmong life preserved in writing by a Hmong hand and passed down through the centuries.

2012-2013 Call to Write

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Download the PDFs above and calendar the deadlines for the publication and going public opportunities for Year 3. Start thinking of what you want to say and how you want to write it. Search the channels on the forum for ideas and perspectives. Try your thinking out on the forum and see how your peers respond. We look forward seeing your writing, and we promise we will take very good care of your ideas!

2012-2013 Special Call to Write

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Students, if you are ready to dig a little deeper and think a little harder, the 2012-2013 Special Call to Write is an opportunity to read, reflect and write about education, schooling, and intolerance. Take a stand! Make a difference! Propose a course of action that will make change and write a more equitable future in your school or for your fellow students!

Download the PDFs above for all the info about submission requirements and supporting resources. Make sure to read and download the PDF articles in the next discussion in this Year 3 channel.

Special 2013 Call to Write: Additional Resources

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Be sure to download the 2013 Special Call to Write in the previous discussion. When you read through the document, in the Historical Resources and Contemporary Issues, you'll find lots of weblinks to explore and research. But you'll also find mentions of PDF articles that you can download. You'll find all of those here.

Happy reading and thinking and writing!

I Write the Future Forum Terms and Conditions

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Download the PDF above. Read carefully and take note of the ways we want to keep the forum a safe place for you, your writing, and your ideas.

Hair and Self-Image: "I Freed Myself When I Embraced My Locks"

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What does your hair have to do with your self-image, your public image, your identity? "I Freed Myself When I Embraced My Locks" is a My Turn essay that captures one woman's internal debate about that question.

If you can find a copy of House on Mango Street, read the chapter "Hairs." What is Sandra Cisneros saying about hair and identity? How does that compare to the stance in this "My Turn" essay?

What do you think?

Sara Ramirez: Writing and Wearing Purple on Spirit Day, October 19

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Sara Ramirez wearing purple for Spirit Day.

For Spirit Day, 2011 Sara wrote:

I really admire the person who stands up and says, "This is who I am. I was born this way." If only this world embraced our differences as much as it embraces the things we have in common. So to those who face intolerance and fear, to those who stand in the face of projected self-loathing and choose to love themselves anyway, I say keep calm and carry on. I admire you, I appreciate you, I love you. Keep calm and carry on.

With Love,

For more information about Spirit Day, October 19, 2012: http://www.glaad.org/spiritday

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