Administrators, Advisors Support MI Eastern Michigan Writing Project

Mar 4, 2012
Posted by: benbates

MI Eastern Michigan Writing Project Enjoys University Support

Meeting in September 2011, our Advisory Board and subsequently the English department head and the Dean of Arts and Sciences have affirmed their commitment to sustaining this site following the NWP model that has served us well for twenty years.... The vote of confidence from the Deans of Arts and Sciences and Education with funding commitments has gathered us as a community in support of the Eastern Michigan Writing Project.  We feel hopeful that funding for fellowships for the summer will soon follow....   Our immediate plan is to sustain our program for the next fiscal year, as it has existed for the past five years, using support from the College of Arts and Sciences, from the College of Education, from the school districts which have participated in our summer institutes, and from private contributions to our site through the Eastern Michigan University Foundation. The Dean of Arts and Sciences has promised support for core expenses of the summer institute for 2012, and the Dean of the College of Education has sponsored two fellowships. We are seeking funding for additional fellowships through local school districts....