AL Jacksonville State University WP Employs Group Interviews to Select ISI Fellows

Feb 25, 2013
Posted by: nknowles

Jacksonville State University WP uses group interviews as a means of communicating ISI expectations to potential fellows and of evaluating teachers’ abilities and interpersonal interactions.

As soon as the recruitment deadline passes, we invite applicants to our group interview/ information meeting. We always have this meeting in the room where the institute is to be held, and we try to, at least, have the furniture arranged as it will be during the SI and the beginnings of transforming the room to fit our theme in place to give the applicants a sample of what their “home” for the SI will look like. [. . .] At the interview meeting, we explain the model, introduce the staff for the SI, explain the types of work, and, of course, have the attendees talk about their schools, their classrooms, and themselves so that we can gauge their abilities and their interaction with one another. The group interviews are relatively new for our site (about three years), but they have already saved us from making some bad choices in selecting participants. Watching group interaction and listening to the conversations that take place are excellent ways to avoid “personnel friction” during the SI. 



Another Look at the Benefits of Group Interviews for the ISI

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Submitted by pfox on Mon, 2013-02-25 15:48.

Another look at the benefits of group interviews for the Invitational Summer Institute can be found in the Southern Arizona Monograph, A Work in Progress: The Benefits of Early Recruitment for the Summer Institute. You can find a description of the process on pages 11-12 and in Appendix E.