Boise State Writing Project Partners with State Department on Coaching Network

Nov 17, 2015
Posted by: laurroop

Boise State Writing Project is engaged with an important partnership with the Idaho State Department of Education: the Idaho Core Coach Network.  The network, which involves 16 coaches, all of whom are National Writing Project teacher-consultants, supports teachers and schools as they attempt to implement Common Core State Standards.

In the words of the site leaders, 

The Idaho State Department of Education is our primary partner and our partnership is pursued through the Idaho Core Coach Network.

BSWP is currently the primary partner with the State Department of Education for implementing the new Common Core State Standards, pursued mostly through inservicing and workshops through the Idaho Core Coach network.  We are all full planning partners.  All three leaders of the Idaho Core Coach Network are BSWP fellows; all sixteen of the Regional Core Coaches in the Idaho Core Coach Network are NWP fellows (13 from BSWP and 3 from NIWP), and most of the Core Implementation teams in the areas around Boise are comprised primarily of BSWP fellows.

There is excitement and a generally positive attitude about the Core and its implementation, especially among BSWP TCs. This initiative meshes nicely with our long dedication to inquiry-oriented teaching, teacher inquiry and reflection.

We are currently meeting with our partners at the SDE, led by Scott Cook, to explore ways to continue the partnership of BSWP and the Idaho Core Coaches beyond the current funding cycle.  We are brainstorming ways to provide alternative (for BSWP) models for developing teacher leadership that are not our typical ISI, and using this leadership to promote the “teachers teaching teachers” model to build both the site capacity of BSWP and the Idaho Core Coaches, and the site capacity of schools and districts from around the state.