CA South Coast uses NWP Business Planning for Program Development Resource to Shape Planning and Control Costs for Young Writers Summer Programming

Nov 14, 2015
Posted by: nvwpsbaker

SCWriP uses the NWP Business Planning for Program Development resource to combat a series of funding losses and staffing changes in its Young Writers program. By analyzing the situation, SCWriP was able to develop new relationships and its summer Young Writers programming is back on track and poised to expand!


To bring our costs under control and build a better business model SCWriP turned to a resource from NWP, Business Planning for Program Development. This was the Business 101 course none of us had taken while undergraduates! It was also just what we needed. The resources supplied focused our conversations and shaped our plans. By looking at our costs, we learned where and why our income was falling short. Since the camp we ran at our home institution had no facility costs, it was by far the most profitable. We set out to find a facility that was free for the summer. We found one in a local school where we had provided inservice. The principal and superintendent were quickly won over by the TCs on staff and our offer of a discounted price for the school’s students. This also allowed the school to offer summer programming, which had disappeared several years before during tight budgetary times. We hope to expand our offerings on local school campuses in 2016.