Eastern Michigan Writing Project Opens Teacher Advocacy Workshop to National Audience

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: laurroop

For the second summer, "Telling Our Stories/Raising Our Voices," an advocacy training workshop for educators designed and led by Dr. Cathy Fleischer, was sponsored by the Eastern Michigan Writing Project.  Cathy reports,

Beginning with their own anecdotes and classroom stories, [participants] learned how to use these stories in smart, safe, and strategic ways. Over the three days, they used what they learned to create an action plan based in a local issue of their choosing; developing short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals to help make change; and—most importantly—gaining confidence in adding their voices to the public narrative on education. Two highlights of this summer’s work:  (1) In addition to serving local teachers, two NWP teachers from Austin, Texas, joined us.  As we plan for next year’s version of this workshop, we would love to encourage more teacher consultants from around the country to attend.  (2) Five returning fellows joined us; these were teachers who had participated the previous summer and had begun to put into action their own plans.  They both developed new, more detailed plans based in their year’s experience and served as mentors to the new members of the group.

            In addition, members of last year’s group have been presenting their work in several venues:  a Saturday session for the Eastern Michigan Writing Project series and upcoming presentations at both the Michigan Council of Teachers of English and National Council of Teachers of English annual conferences.