Fundraising Experiment: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Mar 3, 2012
Posted by: laurroop

PA PennLake NWP in Edinboro, PA, has decided to try a new fundraising strategy.  The site is planning and holding a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater in May 2012, aiming to involve area schools and the community in supporting the site.



What Would a Site Have to Know to Do This?

Submitted by laurroop on Sun, 2012-03-04 08:41.

When I read about the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater idea, I began to wonder: how does a group learn how to plan such a thing?  Is there someone on the team that has experience?  It seems as though there would be several dimensions to the planning--maybe developing the Murder Mystery scenario and plan, putting together the dinner plans, arranging to advertise and publicize, and maybe figuring out staffing.  

What I liked about this was, it could be a chance to literally build community within and beyond the site, and it also could be a chance to explore mystery as a genre--both for acting and for writing.  I wondered about the details... How many folks would need to sign up for the event to make money, etc?

I'd love to hear more from all who have had or are having the experience of planning such events!