IN Hoosier WP Co-Sponsors Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards

Dec 6, 2015
Posted by: nicoletteamann

Hoosier WP benefits from the co-sponsorship of a writing contest in a variety of ways. 

One vital program for HWP is our co-sponsorship of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for central and southern Indiana.  We partner with the education division of Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University in Indianapolis.  The Clowes education staff focus on the art awards as well as providing considerable leadership and administration of the program.  They have involved art and English faculty at Butler.  At IUPUI, where HWP is located, we have had the support of the Office of Community Engagement, though with reorganization of their office, their support will primarily be financial moving forward, as they focus more on corporate education.  We have been working more closely with the new School of Liberal Arts recruiting office, and also hope to engage the English Department in seeing these awards as an opportunity for community engagement and in particular recruiting potential English majors from area schools.  We have recruited writing contest judges from our TCs and from IUPUI Writing Program instructors and graduate students, as well as area writers. 

 TC Sara Harrell, a Writing Program lecturer at IUPUI, works closely with Director Fox in planning and administering the writing awards.  We also promote the awards at the ITW conference.  We produce a high-quality print anthology of winning student writing, utilizing the services of a graduate writing lab at Butler University.  We also had another excellent writing workshop for winning students before the awards ceremony, facilitated by an IUPUI adjunct faculty member (who teaches in the Writing Program Fox directs but also in the Creative Writing Program and is a published writer).  Through the Scholastic Awards, we have reached out to various community arts and humanities organizations, which should increase the visibility of HWP and potentially open other doors for partnership.