ID Northwest Inland's Annual Spring Conference Draws Presenters from Across the NWP Network

Nov 12, 2013
Posted by: pfox

ID Northwest Inland's popular Spring Conference offers important continuity and leadership opportunities for the site and service area teachers.

NIWP currently has approximately 150 TLs within a reasonable distance (4 hours driving time) who can be involved in continuity and in-service programs. About one-third of TLs in the region attend at least one NIWP event each year, with the majority of that third attending the annual Spring Conference in Spokane, WA. Our conference usually attracts about 100 participants, allowing them access to a motivational and nationally-known literacy speaker and a variety of teacher-consultant-led workshops, as well as a preview of the Writing Project model in action. Especially notable is the sense of community among our conference participants. Newcomers have mentioned repeatedly how the conference feeds the teacher’s soul and how welcomed they feel, as if they’re coming home.

In addition, NWP site leaders respond to a national call for proposals from the site that draws presenters from across the NWP network.

Northwest Inland Writing Project Annual Spring Conference 2014--Common Core Literacy: Growing Confident Readers & Writer