KY Western Kentucky University WP Builds Continuity with Summer of Renewal ISI

Dec 6, 2015
Posted by: nicoletteamann

Western Kentucky University WP creates opportunities for ISI Fellows to assume more active roles in their site. 

In summer 2015, we tried another adaptation of the institute by offering previous Fellows who had already received 6 hrs. of credit for an ISI an opportunity to return for a Summer of Renewal.  For attending the Summer of Renewal ISI, presenting their demos at our fall mini-conference and two additional events (a choice one of our two New Teacher Workshops, both of our New Teacher Workshops, or one New Teacher Workshop and the spring mini-conference), they would receive an $800 stipend.  We felt this was a good investment in that we could reduce our costs for presenters at our workshop as well as encourage previous Fellows to return to active involvement.  In summer 2015, we had five Summer of Renewal participants and are looking forward to working with them this spring and fall.  Their presence in the ISI after having taught for a few years beyond their summer institute experience added a depth to the demos and the conversations that benefitted us all.