KY Western Kentucky University WP Develops a Video Library of Model Lessons

Dec 6, 2015
Posted by: nicoletteamann

Kentucky Western uses SEED Leadership funding to develop video resources for teachers. 

In order to provide resources that teachers could access at their convenience and as needed, our site has started developing a video library of model lessons with teacher interviews and commentary.  Two of these videos can be viewed at the Project website http://www.wku.edu/wp/.   We are using part of our 2014-16 Teacher Leadership grant to build this library with the intent to add 10 more video lessons by summer 2016.  Jennifer Gonzalez, a Project Fellow, led a workshop on October 11, 2014, to introduce participants to the equipment and the procedures.  In spring 2015, two Fellows produced new videos to add to the site. Again in the ISI 2015, we offered participants an option of recording, editing, and applying a commentary to a literacy lesson for the library as their inquiry project. One of our co-directors, Michele McCloughan, shared her process of producing a video in 2015, and five fellows will be producing videos for spring 2016.