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Oct 30, 2013
Posted by: katiekline

SI participants are allowed to stretch their 6 hours of graduate work across two summers, which means that the SI includes both 1st year participants and those who are completing a 2nd year of the SI.

Our Invitational Summer Institute 2013 was the first time we have combined first-time and returning teachers in the same ISI under a restructured institute.  In order to stretch our limited funding for the ISI, we decided to offer our 6-hour set of courses (English 597A and 597B) across two summers instead of our former model of one summer and four follow-up days spread across the following fall and spring semesters.  Teacher candidates are able to choose to complete one summer and follow-up for 3 hours graduate credit or two summers and follow-up for 6 hours graduate credit.  In this way, we were able to reduce our graduate tuition and stipend costs for summer significantly.  For the ISI 2013, we had 8 new teacher candidates and 2 Summer of Renewal Fellows.  We had hoped to be able to attract a total of 20 rather than the 10 we had the previous summer, but were not able to recruit that many, even though we had obtained a SEED Teacher Leadership Grant to pay the stipend and tuition costs for the additional 10 individuals.  Despite the low numbers, however, the co-directors and I agreed that it was one of our best Institutes.  The 2 returning Fellows shared in their final evaluations that the second summer made an enormous difference in their levels of confidence as teacher leaders, and it was evident in their demonstrations as well.  The new teacher candidates benefitted from the mentorship of experienced fellows during their writing and demonstration planning.  We believe we will have a large group of returning Fellows for summer 2014 and Dr. Otto is looking for financial support for the extra stipends and tuition that we anticipate needing.

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I think this is a wonderful

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I think this is a wonderful idea.  Very powerful.  Sometimes with smaller numbers--there is more time to converse and share--and bond.