LA NWP of Acadiana Partnership with GEAR UP Supports PD and Youth Programming

Apr 17, 2015
Posted by: pfox

The National Writing Project of Acadiana promising partnership with GEAR UP is based on shared goals and promises financial support to extend the reach of site programs.

. . .there is every indication that the Lafayette Parish School System's current GEAR UP grant, of which the university is a key partner, and which [university co-director] Toby Daspit has provided workshops for several years, will incorporate AWP professional development and youth programming in its 2015-16 budget. Toby Daspit has worked with Lafayette Parish's GEAR UP grant (a $15 million dollar grant with another $11million expected to be granted soon) since 2011, presenting (or co-presenting with AWP TCs) workshops geared to transformative leadership for classroom teachers, school counselors, and school and district administrators. Discussions have intensified about a GEAR UP partnership with AWP that would prepare teachers in GEAR UP/Title I schools to participate in an Invitational Institute that would assist them in running a summer camp for GEAR UP students as well as provide professional development for their faculties.