MA Buzzards Bay Writing Project Conducts District Writing Curriculum Review

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: laurroop

When Buzzards Bay Writing Project in Massachusetts received a request for a writing curriculum review from the superintendent of Duxbury Schools, the site knew it needed help, and its director contacted the two other NWP sites in the state:

...In preparation for this project, the BBWP Director brought together TCs from BBWP, BWP, and WMWP. The team met in December 2014 and January 2015 through face-to-face meetings and online, and each member was assigned to one of the four schools in Duxbury: the Chandler School (grades K-2), the Alden School (grades 3-5), Duxbury Middle School, and Duxbury High School.  At these meetings the team set up a pre-visit survey for each of the schools and a protocol (attached) to be used during the site visits.

During February, despite disruption caused by the onslaught of winter storms, each TC spent one or two days on school visits where they sat in on classroom instruction and spoke with teachers, students, and administrators. On March 8, the team met to go over material for the final report due March 31. On March 18, representatives of the review team met with Duxbury’s Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent and with the principals of the four schools to present a preliminary report. On March 31 the final report was forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent.

Site leaders concluded the following:

The ability to draw in the assets and expertise of all three Massachusetts’ sites enabled us to fulfill the work of an important contract that we would not have been able to fulfill alone, the Writing Curriculum review in the Duxbury Public Schools. Not only did it benefit TCs at each site financially, it also allowed each site to expand its base of offerings and present professional development opportunities to statewide districts, not just site area districts. The MWP will make a concerted effort to maintain that unity.