MD Eastern Shore WP Explores New ISI Model to Attract More Teachers

Nov 17, 2014
Posted by: eshelton

In an attempt to attract more teachers to the program, Eastern Shore Writing Project explores a semester-long hybrid ISI:


In an attempt to overcome the issue of low interest in a Summer Institute due to the competing demands of a plethora of district-sponsored curriculum and in-service summer work related to Common Core Curriculum  implementation, Nancy Michelson and teacher consultant Christine Davis are experimenting with a semester-long, hybrid format for the Institute.  At this time, we are not ready to report successful implementation, but we have experienced some bright spots and are learning from our experience, so we have not abandoned hope that the hybrid format during the school year might be a viable alternative.

Nancy Michelson and Christine Davis are incorporating the elements of coaching and inquiry into a combination of face-to-face and online sessions.  Although the course is still in progress, we have learned much about adjustments that will better suit the different time and space of the hybrid format.  We are still both much more supportive of the intense face-to-face community of a traditional summer institute format; however, we are attempting to address the real concern that we would rather have a different type of institute than none at all. 

Our experimentation with a hybrid Institute is work of great interest to Nancy.  She would be interested in talking with other site leaders to discover whether there have been successful attempts to incorporate an electronic environment into an Institute.