MI Saginaw Bay Writing Project Sets Up Endowment Fund

Oct 30, 2013
Posted by: laurroop

A former director and long-time ally of the Saginaw Bay Writing Project helped the site build even stronger relations on the campus by setting up an endowment fund through the University's foundation, just in time for a campus-wide fundraising campaign:

...because of (retiring Co-Director of the Writing Progam Diane Boehm’s) visionary planning and institutional respect, we were able to start a Saginaw Bay Writing Project Endowed Fund through the Saginaw Valley State University Foundation. The SVSU Foundation is launching an aggressive fund-raising initiative in association with the 50th anniversary of the university, and SBWP is one of the special funds that could be selected for donation by prospective alumni donors. Not only has this endowment fund raised a little over $2,000 in one year, it has helped to imbed the SBWP more firmly in the institution.