MI Top of the MIT Writing Project Builds Community Partnerships

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: Jsinger2


MI Top of the MIT Writing Project Builds Community Partnerships:

Our newest collaborative partners are the Petoskey Public Library and Petoskey Historical Museum.  We have been planning several events focused on writing invitations for teens and adults using the Library’s facilities. We are also hosting our monthly, Sunday Literacy Collaborative Meetings at the library. Additionally, the library is assisting us with a fall fundraiser. We recently earned a grant to have a public showing of  an innovative Sundance documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” that features educational innovation and revolutionary educational pedagogy. The library is publicizing it as part of their fall film series and donating their space and equipment. These monies will got toward our 2016 ISI.

The Petoskey Historical Museum has also been an inspiring new collaborative partner. Just last week, their Co-Director, Jane Garver, presented our most recent one day institute with our director for 12 area teachers focused upon writing with primary sources.  (Flier attached as a PDF) Ms. Garver also volunteered as a visiting scholar during our 2015 ISI. She invited our entire cohort to spend time at the museum: we were given a tour, we were able to explore artifacts behind the scenes and after hours, and we had time for sacred writing while we were in the museum’s historic building.

The work that Carol Johnston and Rich Bachus are doing in connection to the National Parks (page 5 above) could easily be a model for other sites and TC’s to support.