MI Top of the MIT Writing Project Offers Innovative Fundraising Film

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: Jsinger2

MI Top of the MIT Writing Project Offers Innovative Fundraising Film:

We were able to secure a grant from the producers of an award winning Sundance Film to show as a fundraiser for our project. With the help of one of our community partners, the Petoskey Public Library, we will be showing our film on site at the Library’s Arts Building as part of their Fall Film Series on November 6, 2015.

Several TC’s form our Leadership Team have signed up to help promote and show the film. We are taking donations of $10 each from attendees and sponsoring a dialogue at the end of each showing.  “Most Likely to Succeed” offers a new vision for education and highlights educational researchers like Sir Ken Robinson. http://www.mltsfilm.org/

“Most Likely To Succeed is a must-see. I wish we could require it somehow for every educator, legislator, school board member, business person, parent…you name it… in KY. Seeing the kind of work these kids are doing, and comparing it to what happens in traditional schools, was more than interesting for me. The film makes me feel that moving our schools forward is a moral imperative, and the movie has the potential to help many share that conviction. We used it in our Academy this week with the KVEC region and are using it again with those schools and districts in Cohort 5 in September, as well as a College of Ed screening here at UK.”