Northeastern PA WP SEED 3 Grant Supports Common Core PD with High Needs High School

Mar 15, 2013
Posted by: pfox

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Writing Project is investing SEED 3 grant funds to extend much-needed high quality professional development to a local high school to prepare teachers to address the Common Core State Standards. The site hopes to extend this work to the feeder middle school in 2013-14.

In spring of 2013 we will complete the work outlined in our SEED3 Grant Proposal. . . .The local buzz is Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The SEED3 grant awarded to the NPWP is focused on demonstrating to teachers how much of what they already do in their classrooms to meet current state standards is aligned with CCSS. We then ask them to think about how they could do that same thing (strategy, practice) in writing. The teachers will then be able to use this work to continuously improve the practice of writing-to-learn to meet the goal of CCSS compliance.

The NPWP played a role in beginning a state-wide discussion about CCSS and how best to develop PD that would be effective in the disparate regions we serve. I am happy to see that this work of the Pennsylvania Writing Project Network (PWPN) has continued. . . .NPWP took a leading role in engaging the local Intermediate Units (IUs) in dialogue and collaborated with Colonial IU 20 for a day-long inservice program based on aligning state standards with CCSS in non-content areas. . . .

The economy in the NPWP service area, already dictated largely by season and weather was crippled by the economic downturn. . . .Our SEED3 grant school is a perfect example of this situation. The North High School (NHS) in the East Stroudsburg Area School District (ESASD) is our SEED3 School and at least one more year with the NPWP is being planned. The district middle school is right next door. We wanted to bring them into the PD program in 2013-2014. . . .to consider PD that aligns standards and that may be useful in closing the achievement gap.