NWP at West Virginia University Writing Project: Summer Institute on Four Core Instructional Activities and Online Follow-UP

Nov 13, 2014
Posted by: Jsinger2

The West Virigina University Writing Project has created a five-day workshop series for their summer insittute  focusing on four core instructional activites that build from NWP tenets and cooridinate instructional goals related to Next Generation Standards. This series is followed with a series of online learning opportunities:

During a five-day workshop series the summer institute will focus on four core instructional activities that build from NWP tenets and coordinate our instructional goals relating to the Next Generation standards and technology. These include a focus on writing teachers writing. One of the fundamental tenets of the NWP is that teachers who use writing must also write. This experiential process initiates the culture of inquiry through writing and about writing. Another lesson demonstrates “teachers teaching teachers”, a long-standing practice in NWP’s design.  Each teacher will share one lesson demonstration during the summer institute, and one during a follow up meeting. The third activity will focus on content area breakout sessions where facilitators will demonstrate research-based approaches to writing instruction and assessment in the content areas. In the fourth activity participants will create a PD action plan where they will create a proposal outlining the topic, purpose, content and potential outlets for one to two hour PD workshops that they could offer to their school and/or district.

This face-to-face session will be followed by a five-week online institute where teachers will be expected to develop their PD plans as supported by online discussions with summer institute facilitators and fellow participants. Through these professional learning communities, teacher leaders will receive feedback on their plans, implementation, and evidence of student learning based on student writing produced from these plans.

Over the course of the following year, participants will be paired with a mentor from our current NWP@WVU A-Team. At the end of Year 1, we will reconvene with the teacher participants and district leadership to assess the successes, challenges, and future directions of the PD developed and implemented through the partnership with NWP@WVU. After completing the 2015 summer institute, they will then be invited to serve as facilitators and mentors for the subsequent summer’s (2016) participants. 

NWP at West Virginia University Summer Institute 2015