NY Long Island Writing Project Prepares Workshop on Twitter's Impact

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: laurroop

Site leaders from the Long Island Writing Project designed a workshop on how Twitter is transforming us as educators.  In preparation for the workshop, the facilitators, Kathy Sokolowski and Darshna Katwala, surveyed teacher-consultants, who then used the occasion as an opportunity to try out Twitter.  A teacher consultant, Mark Jackett, responded as follows:

March is Young Artists Month and to celebrate one of the teachers in my district is hosting Teach Like A Pirate (aka #TLAP) education chat on Twitter.  If anyone wants to participate you are welcome to and I included the questions I'll be posting below.
 If you haven't heard of TLAP it's a popular nationwide chat started by author and educator Dave Burgess who's book of the same name I'd highly recommend-www.daveburgess.com<http://www.daveburgess.com/new/teach-like-a-pirate/>.  The chat is an hour long, 9pm-10pm and you can answer as few or as many questions as you'd like or just watch the feed and get some ideas for your classroom.  I know I've only seen a few of you on Twitter edchats but I thought I'd put it out there in case anyone wanted to join in!

Here is a link to the presentation that Kathy and Darshna created for the Twitter workshop:


The leaders reflected on what this new engagement meant:

Learning and exchanging of information seems to be happening naturally and in a fluid manner. It is reminder for the LIWP about the importance of planning, publicity, and inviting teachers to think and share about their practices and contributing to their profession. Conversations are important both in person and on-line.