WA Central Washington Writing Project Creates Teacher Leadership Academy

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: Jsinger2

WA Central Washington Writing Project Creates Teacher Leadership Academy to Promote Site Leadership Development:

In our 2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Grant proposal, we requested funding to establish a Teacher Leadership Academy. Thus, in our second year of grant funding, site leaders and veteran TCs will provide professional development leadership training for teachers who have attended our various professional development workshops and institutes as well as teachers who have not participated in CWWP programs. Our vision for the Teacher Leadership Academy entails a site leadership team comprised of veteran TCs who will coordinate and collaborate on one of the three professional learning communities (PLCs)—Assignments Matter/College-Ready Writers Program, elementary teachers writing workshop study group, and the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment and Digital Library 21st Century Grant project. The Teacher Leadership Academy professional development program will include (1) building and facilitating professional learning community activities, (2) coordinating and facilitating study groups, (3) utilizing the College-Ready Writers Program modules to support students to meet rigorous writing and reading standards, (4) implementing best practices in teaching close reading and writing in the disciplines, (5) working with teachers to develop writing assignments and tasks that matter, and (6) using Smarter Balanced Assessments (interim and summative) to improve teaching and student learning.