WI Greater Madison WP Secures Funding from University and Outside Partnerships

Jan 30, 2014
Posted by: pfox

The Greater Madison Writing Project attributes its current financial stability to support from a range of university programs and other partnerships.

It is important to note our site’s expanding recognition and support at the university, but it is equally important to address the financial state of the site; institutional support and name recognition don’t equate to much without equally encouraging financial support/resources. Fortunately, we find ourselves in a financially stable position, thanks to the continuing support of our university and several external sources of funding. In addition to the School of Education’s support for the Director, we have the following financial support and resources going forward:

• The partnership with the Literacies, Cultures, and Language Institute has provided a significant influx of funds to the GMWP. The $30,000 grant from the Literacies, Cultures, and Language Institute partnership grant will infuse upwards of $10,000 to the GMWP during 2013-2014 and there is the potential for the same amount of funding to be available for two more years of programming.

• Through the UW Foundation we were able to attain a one-time gift of $150,000 from a UW-Madison School of Education alumna to assist with the launch of the GMWP. Knowing that these funds would be essential in setting the site up for future sustainability, especially given the loss of continually federal funding, we have been judicious in our use of these funds. As of this writing we have approximately $45,000 of the original gift remaining and at our disposal.

• The Office of Education Outreach and Partnerships in the School of Education has committed to cover the tuition costs for all of the participants in the 2014 Summer Institute.

• Our site hosted our first annual Young Writers Camp this August and we were able to generate almost $7,500 that will be used for future youth and community writing projects.