WI Greater Madison Writing Project Offers a Make it Better Writing Acivity in ISI:

Nov 18, 2015
Posted by: Jsinger2

WI Greater Madison Writing Project Offers a Make it Better Writing Acivity to Promote Positive School Change in ISI:

One slight modification we made this year was the inclusion of a writing activity we titled Imagine It Better … Make It Better. We believed this focus would initiate positive discussions about how we as teachers can reclaim reform conversations that power brokers have been holding while excluding teachers from the table. We see our work as one of the most effective methods of creating positive change in schools through meaningful professional development. If we can imagine educational initiatives in a better form, then we find it our duty to take activist steps to make it better. We wanted to build our summer institute around the concept of positive change to move people away from downward spiraling negative discussions that sometimes zapped the energy and enthusiasm from our cohort in 2014. The negative voices of two or three people last year had a deleterious impact on group discussions. By consciously changing our focus during the 2015 ISI to the positive side, we found much greater enthusiasm for teacher-led research and initiatives. That positive attitude continues two months after the ISI, as half of the cohort has registered to participate in our Advanced Institute, which we will conduct throughout the 2015-16 school year. Our enthusiasm for positive growth and change transferred to the members of the cohort. We find their attitude invigorating, and we looked forward to our first meeting with the Advanced Institute with great excitement. We know this attitude will prevail throughout the upcoming year together.