Writing and Athletics

Mar 4, 2012
Posted by: laurroop

Richard Kent, the site director at the ME Maine WP, has written a provocative new book entitled Writing on the Bus: Using Athletic Team Notebooks and Journals to Advance Learning and Performance in Sports, published by the National Writing Project and Peter Lang Publishing (2011). 

A resource website has been developed as well:





Potential for Gym/Recreation/Sports-Connected Work?

Submitted by laurroop on Sun, 2012-03-04 09:04.

I was really excited to hear of this book and the work being done in Maine around writing and athletics.  I began to wonder: what if a site were to convene a little reading/study group of local coaches?  Or what if a site worked with a district's gym/recreation teachers on weaving this kind of reflective writing into sports and recreation programs?  Might there be a measurable change or effect in students' learning or sports performance?  

Mightn't a local foundation be interested in supporting such an effort?