Wyoming Writing Project Future Offerings Dependent Upon Fragile Collaborations

Mar 4, 2013
Posted by: pfox

While several statewide professional development workshops were offered by WWP in 2012 in collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), and a collaboration with the university’s Center for Literacy Research holds promise for future work, recent changes in administration at both the WDE and the university create uncertainty for the site.

During the summer of 2012 the WWP and the Wyoming Department of Education collaboratively offered five “Wyoming Writing Workshops” to K-12 teachers across the state. We were actively planning 7-8 more of these workshops for the summer of 2013. . . .As of this writing, all WDE activities and their funding are “frozen” until further notice.

Through the spring and summer of 2012 the director of UW’s new Center for Literacy Research and I negotiated a “working agreement” to bring the WWP under the literacy center’s larger operational “umbrella.” Both of us recognized the mutual benefits of this collaborative arrangement. With UW president Buchanan’s retirement announcement in September, however, this potential partnership has been halted in its tracks. Indeed, whether or not there will be a Center for Literacy Research is entirely dependent upon UW’s next president.