We have lift-off!

Mar 12, 2012
Image for issue at The Model at Work
Published:  Monday, March 12, 2012
Issue number:  1

Welcome to a brand new NWP website: The Model at Work.

It began as a promise embedded in the 2012 NWP Site Report directions page to mine the reports to "create a resource for the network". Then it began to take shape, and through the work of a dedicated set of staff and site leaders, it has become a reality. Created, in effect, by 30 site leaders and staff over a long weekend in Austin, the Model at Work aims to serve the network by sharing more broadly the great ideas, resources, tips and reflections that reviewers have always enjoyed from NWP site reports.

The Model at Work contains ideas from all sites in the NWP network, curated by site leaders. Readers will find sections of NWP site reports, clipped directly and generally presented in the voices of the original writers. Search it by keywords and tags, by particular words or state codes, or follow channels of interest. Comment on what interests you and share your own thoughts and links in the comment sections. Periodically you will see new Issues, collections such as this one, where site leaders will select several items to bring to your attention.

In this inaugural issue we've selected posts where sites discuss visioning retreats, occasions where site leaders come together to reflect on the work of the site and explore new options. You can also find information about visioning retreats on the NWP website. Check out, for example,

 We hope that this collection of information will support you in your own visioning.