How Are Sites Funding Invitational Summer Institutes?

Mar 27, 2012
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Published:  Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Issue number:  2

As sites wrestle with the challenges of sustaining their work while continuing to develop leadership capacity to extend the reach of their programs, many have had to reconsider priorities for investing limited funds. In the absence of federal funding, many sites are finding multiple sources of support and funding to sustain their Invitational Summer Institutes--from foundation grants to museum partnerships to university scholarships.

In this issue we've selected posts from sites that have found creative ways to think about funding, to connect with a range of partners interested in their work, and to identify a variety of funding sources to support this core program. You can also find information about how sites have funded their invitational summer institutes over the years on the NWP website. Check out, for example, A Work in Progress: The Benefits of Early Recruitment for the Summer Institute, an NWP monograph that includes a discussion of how the Southern Arizona WP partnered with their university’s Office of Multicultural Programs to support diversity in the ISI by offering scholarships to minority participants.

In addition to these, you'll find a wealth of ideas for developing self-sustaining, income-generating programs in Business Planning for Program Development and Site Sustainability.  Designed as a guided inquiry for Writing Project site leadership teams interested in starting a new or revitalizing an existing site program, this resource captures the process and thinking involved in determining site priorities and planning and organizing revenue-generating programs at local Writing Project sites. 

We hope that this collection of information will support you in your work.  As leaders at your site consider these and other available options for supporting and sustaining the Invitational Summer Institute, please add your comments, suggestions and questions through the comment function below.