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AL Wiregrass WP Developing Strategic Planning Around 4 Key Focus Areas

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Being afforded the opportunity to participate in the i3 College-Ready Writers Program has provided our writing project the opportunity and structure to think more strategically about our program planning, implementation, monitoring and effectiveness.

AL Wiregrass WP Adopts Logic Models as an Essential Professional Development Component

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Through institutes and resources supplied by the National Writing Project i3 College and Career Ready Writers Program we are now strategically working with schools in our districts employing a comprehensive structure for an effective professional development plan.  The adoption and use of logic models, as an essential component of our professional development plans, has established a framework for increased collaboration and planning.

AL Wiregrass WP Professional Learning Unit Design Model

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The Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leadership Development was developed to support leaders in Alabama schools in the identification and development of skills in areas that were identified to most directly affect student learning and performance.

AL Wiregrass WP Shares Two Effective Youth, Family and Community Programs

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The Wiregrass Writing Project is committed to connecting with youth, families, and the community at large.  In the past year we have continued two very successful programs:  Think!!  Write!! and the Southeast Alabama Model United Nations Assembly (SAMUN).  

MO Gateway WP Leverage Book Study Groups for Multiple Purposes

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GWP sponsored TC-led book study groups for the fourth year running during the 2014-15 school year.  What began in 2011 as a group of inquiring TCs has morphed into a much anticipated mainstay in our continuity programming.  Not only are we excited to share details about last year’s groups, we have come to believe that an equally important outcome is the book study model that has developed over the years.


MO Gateway WP Develops Professional Development for High Needs Schools

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During the 2013-14 school year, GWP TCs worked with teachers in grades 3-6 at Central Elementary in the Ferguson-Florissant School District as a year-two, non-treatment school in conjunction with the High Needs SEED grant.  During the summer of 2014, the principal of Central Elementary contacted us requesting additional professional development in writing.

MO Gateway WP Partners with College of Education to Launch EdCollabitat

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The work of our writing project is also showcased and expanded by seeking new partnerships with the College of Education and with other campus units. This fall marks the launch of the EdCollabitat, a learning space designed for building and testing educational entrepreneurial ideas. Dr. Ralph Cordova (former director of the Piasa Bluffs Writing Project) is helping to lead the EdCollabitat.

UT Central Utah WP Explore Ways To Revise ISI and Continuity Events

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During our first three years, we followed the structure of ISI that is common through most of the NWP network: We met four days a week for four weeks. We held a pre-institute in March and two continuity events: an overnight retreat at a mountain lodge in the fall and a dinner in January. We have since adopted a shortened ISI, three weeks long, but we meet five days for the first two weeks and then four days in the third week, so we still meet 14 days.

UT Central Utah WP Share an Important Lesson Learned About Inviting TC's into Leading

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Central Utah WP holds two major continuity events in relation to their ISI: a fall overnight retreat and, a culminating January dinner. It is at the culminating dinner event that site leaders invite that year's ISI TC's to take a lead in their learning both individually and with colleagues.

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