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UT Central Utah WP Hits on Innovative Way to Both Build TC's Leadership and Site PD Resources

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While (the Saturday) large workshops provide good PD, we feel the smaller (Saturday Workshops) led by our TCs had a huge impact on developing our TCs as professionals.  For that reason, if funding were to increase, we would bring the smaller SWs back. In these smaller mini-conferences led by TCs, each presenter presented twice, and attending teachers had two options for each hour of the workshop. These mini-conferences were the true heart of the SW. TCs submitted proposals.

UT Central Utah WP Does Some Creative Imagining and Implementing for Continuity Events

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Another continuity event is our reunion walk and write night.  One of our TCs was asked to organize two walk and write events per year.  We usually meet on a downtown street of a nearby city, but we have also met in museums and we are meeting this month in a canyon for a more scenic writing experience.  The location is chosen using Google forms.  Fellows vote from a few location options.  After writing and sharing, we meet at a local restaurant for dinner.

KY Morehead WP Shares Strategies and Tools Useful to Engaging TC's in the ISI and Professional Learning

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Drawing from previous fellows’ evaluations and feedback, we reinstated some of the strategies, tools, and resources fellows said were instrumental in their professional development.  We continued to use Edmodo.com as our online social network/classroom.  Leaders and fellows posted all announcements, resources, demo lessons, etc.

KY Morehead WP Empowering Young Writers' Voices through the Global Graffiti Summer Camps

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Global Graffiti Summer Camps: During the summer of 2015, week-long camps were offered for writers in grades 4-8 at two locations: Morehead and Mount Sterling, KY. Both camps operate under the theme of exploring and experimenting with language to change yourself and to change the world. The camps consistently remind young writers the power of writing in promoting change. Students start each day with writing lessons and journaling.

KY Morehead WP Develops Online Summer Institute to Run Concurrently with Invitational SI

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Online Summer Institute: For the fifth year, we were able to offer an online Summer Institute concurrent with our Invitational Summer Institute. No fellowships were offered to the online group which included teachers from Florida and Ohio as well as throughout Kentucky. We worked asynchronously but due to the interactivity supported by Google+ Community and Google docs we were able to sustain a high level of community and support.

TX Heart of Texas WP Leverages Recruitment Through Campus Partners

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We continue to see increased numbers in our Saturday workshops.

TX Heart of Texas WP Share ISI Learning Goals

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The goals of our Institute are based on the interests and needs we find most pressing in our service area.  They are as follows:


1.         To counter deficit and essentialist perspectives with appreciative/asset-based perspectives

2.         To create conversations that support teachers in valuing the linguistic diversity of their students

3.         To support descriptive and detailed habits of assessment

TX Heart of Texas WP Create Teacher as Researcher Identity in ISI

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We again employed “inquiry invitations,” in which teachers explore questions they have about their teaching practices.  Teachers are asked to bring questions that felt unsettled or unfinished in their practice, along with student work that speaks to these issues.  During the summer, teachers dig in and research these issues, and then present their findings to the whole group.

CA Los Angeles at Cal State Reaches a Linguistically Diverse Population, One Hour at a Time

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The Los Angeles Writing Project at Cal State routinely supports teachers who are working with a diverse population. Their 2015 NWP Annual Site Narrative Report describes the "typical Cal State LA classroom" as a place where, "bilingual students are the majority and there are almost always three or more different home languages represented." While the LAWP has resources, in both finances and a talented pool of TCs, they are still facing a huge challenge of a large, diverse population.

IL Illinois State Writing Project Builds Relationship between Teens and Texts

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Middle and high school writers learn how to assemble chapbooks in an afternoon s

K-16 teachers find a lot of support offered by the Illinois State Writing Project. In addition to the Summer Institute and other classic Writing Project professional development, the TCs of the ISWP reach out to students and teachers through conferences, writing centers, and a strong relationship to the University Writing Program, where TCs have been focusing on genre awareness. The Writing Center support offered by the ISWP goes beyond the Illinois borders.

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