"Caught" in Discussion

Apr 28, 2013
Posted by: Kelli


I use voicethreads in my classroom all the time; in fact,
it’s my favorite technology tool. Voicethreads let students see multimedia
content in one threaded discussion site with the opportunity to comment via
text, audio, or webcam. This lets all of my students make thoughtful comments
to a text in their preferred method. I created this generic voicethread- that
is accessible and able to be copied by others- to go with Best Teen Writing
“Caught Like Smoke” by Zoe Cheng.

“Caught Like Smoke” is a poem about a Muslim girl whose
hijab is a source of familiarity and connection to both her mother and her
culture. As the poem progresses, however, her hijab makes her a target for
bullies in her school. The speaker is caught between the positive connections of
her past and the shameful victimization of her present. The voicethread link
focuses students on five aspects of the poem: the hijab itself as a symbol that
changes in what it represents, similes and metaphors- digging deep into
author’s craft, the theme of mother-daughter relationships, how to make a
strong title, and the theme of love turning to pain. 

Feel free to create a voicethread account and copy this voicethread for private use in your own class, and then let me know how you've used it.